Uhip Padded Ladies Vest Stellar Blue Sheen


Very flattering lightweight vest made of a functional material for comfort in any climate. The vest’s construction and the amount of insulation make it perfect for all year use. 

UHIP has no down from animals in our garments. We have chosen a down-like material in synthetic / microfiber so-called synthetic down that unlike down manages to keep the heat both in damp and wet environments.

Synthetic down has the same warming properties as down and it also dries in no time. Down is for dry and cold weather and lumps when it gets wet, then it loses its warming function.  Synthetic down is made of thin layers that provide air pockets that are both heated by body heat but also encapsulate the heat in the pockets. This is what leads to good warming ability.

Renewable material
We have chosen to use insulation from Dupont™ called Sorona® in our 365 garments. Dupont’s Sorona is a renewable material that is 37% extracted from the plant kingdom instead of being completely petroleum-based as other nylon and polyester. The production also uses 30% less energy than regular nylon and emits 63% fewer greenhouse gases. Dupont™ is the 2015 Bio Business award winner for its groundbreaking biotechnology.

The reasons why we use the synthetic duet Sorona® are many and here are some of them:

  • Comfort in any climate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptional resistance to heat loss with the added benefit of breathability
  • Maintains its shape and loft wash after wash
  • Supreme softness

SIZING: Generous, eg 40= Generous AU12

Colour: Stellar Blue with light sheen and with dark silver accents. 


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