Gidgee Eyes Cleancut Horse Riding Sunglasses



These sunglasses have been specifically designed by and for Australian riders and the result is that the sunglasses are LIGHT in weight, they GRIP SECURELY, they FLEX and FIT COMFORTABLY UNDER MOST HELMETS. 

The lenses used are the best quality lenses available and provide one hundred per cent filtration of UV light (ABC and D). They provide the wearer with COMPLETE UV AND GLARE PROTECTION under a wide variety of light conditions. 

The frames are made from the most flexible and memory retentive nylon composites available. This reduces nose and temple pressure weight and discomfort which lead to extended wear and practicality. 

Comes in hard case with cleaning cloth/pouch. 1 year warranty.

  • Black frame with Inter-change-able Injection Polarized lens
  • Grey tint Polarised lens –  Category 3 – AS/NZS 1067, 2009
  • Spare Grey regular lens – Category 2 – AS/NZS 1067, 2009
  • Black coloured grips and pads
  • Spare nose pads
  • Protective case and Microfibre cleaning case included
  • Suitable for Prescription Lenses

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