Leather Mate 4 in 1 Italian Leather Cream


Leather Mate is a four-in-one product which CLEANS, NOURISHES, PROTECTS and SHINES all smooth leathers with no restriction on colour in a single, fast and easy application. 

Leather Mate dries quickly without leaving any sticky or greasy residue and will not mark your clothing or fabrics. Perfect for saddles, boots, horse gear, leather car seats, leather sofas. 

This product is faster and easier to apply than anything on the market, while at the same time better for the leather than those harsh polishes, soaps and silicon sprays. 

Only a very small amount needed to get great results. 

With one simple application this deep penetrating product lifts out old dirt and grime, conditions the leather, restores the original shine and gives the leather a protective coating against sun, water, scuffing and much more.  

In most cases your leather item will be returned to a near-new finish, often better!  Items thought to be beyond repair are usually restored to a condition beyond your wildest dreams! 

Leather Mate, Urad and Tenderly leather care products are famous the world over for one reason: They Work! 

Made in Italy. 

With 5 international awards to its name and avalanches of customer endorsements and testimonials, the product has enjoyed enormous success.

Its success lies in several key factors:

  • It works! It lives up to its claims and usually far exceeds expectations.
  • It is easy to use. It is not messy, is fast and gives a better result than other messy, time-consuming products.
  • It has an extensive range of applications.
  • It smells great and only a very small amount needed. 

It is a closely guarded secret, but the main ingredients include lanolin, carnauba wax and a refined oil from pine trees.  It additionally contains a small amounts of fatty acids and ammonia which are naturally occurring substances. It smells great and only a very small amount needed. 

Colours: BLACK, NATURAL (works well on all colours)

Natural available 100gr and 200gr, Black only in 200gr. 100gr packaging is different, it says it's original name which is URAD, but has the same great product inside. 

URAD and LEATHER MATE are the same; URAD was the original Italian name. 


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