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The cost is $200 (plus freight if we are posting them). They can be kept for a week (transit time not included) and when they are returned to us the $200 is refunded or can be put toward a new pair.

Please email your details: full name, delivery address, email, phone number to info@horseinthebox.com.au and we will email you the invoice, OR ring 03 9739 1669. Payments can be made with bank transfer or credit cards. 

Flex-on Stirrups are revolutionary shock-absorbing stirrups that are comfortable, strong and lightweight.

Through their shock absorbing system and well-positioned stirrup leather slot they provide an extraordinary stable and comfortable ride

  • A shock-absorbing system (the tread rests on elastomer springs with "grip" and "ultra-grip" technologies)
  • Ergonomic shapes for the tread and stirrup leather slot (both offset and skewed). 
  • Can be personalised by choosing the colour of the frame, elastomers, tread, magnets (magnets are very easy to change)
  • Available in Aluminium and Composite frame.  Most popular are the one with inclined footbed and Ultra-Grip technology (small spikes on the tread- will not damage the sole of the boots). 
  • Many high profile riders recommend them. Some of the comments state that that angle of the Flex-On stirrups have reduced the stress on their knees and other joints, others love the security of the grip, and the stability of the lower leg they provide. 
  • Ergonomic shapes for the tread and stirrup leather slot (both offset and skewed).. 

Carl Hester:
"Flex-on gave me a really flexible feel in my lower leg and with the incline a deeper feeling through my heel."


In the Green Composite Range, the rider can choose :

  • The colour of the frame
  • The type of tread (Mixed Grip, Mixed Ultra-Grip,
    Inclined Grip, Inclined Ultra-Grip)
  • The hardness and colour of the elastomers (Hard, Medium or Soft)
  • **** Please see images for variants. 

For custom orders please contact us. 

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