FairPlay Valentina Pearl Mini Tails Dressage Jacket



Modern, double-row, short dressage tailcoat with Pearl details. Can be used as normal competition jacket as the back is not any longer than normal jackets, only the front is shorter. 

The Valentina is made from an innovative fabric containing 32% corn fiber. This fabric has added corn starch which offers excellent breathability, elasticity and durability over traditional soft-shell materials.

The touch of natural corn starch ensures comfort and a natural, pleasant feeling to touch. 

The unique fabric will guarantee you always look sharp in the arena. 

Unique cut features an optical slimming effect. Elastic lining ensures freedom of movement with ventilators under the armpits.

Colours: Black, navy. Sizing: true to size, 36=AU8, 38=Au10, 40= AU12

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