Trail of Painted Ponies The Eye Dazzler

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Collectable item. 

Before the turn of the 19th century, the Navajo switched from making traditional Native American blankets to weaving brilliantly coloured tapestries with hand-spun wool that featured fantastic geometric shapes and bold colour palettes never before seen. This groundbreaking shift gave birth to what is now known as the Eye Dazzler rug. These weavings not only offered Navajo artisans the chance to express their individual artistry, freedom and ceremonial musings, but they also influenced others who drew inspiration from these rich and colourful designs, and incorporated the aesthetic into other mediums, such as Painted Ponies (15cm).

Product Specifications:
“Eye Dazzler” figurine for the Trail of Painted Ponies line by artist Sarah C. Geis

  • Trail of Painted Ponies celebrates the magic of the horse, the rich culture of America, and independent artists
  • Showcases a prancing pony with geometric native American details crafted from high-quality stone resin
  • Includes a collector card that tells the artist’s story behind each design and decorative gift box

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