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The Flex On Snap-On Interchangeable Spurs are an incredible innovation in riding wear. Flex On is already a popular name thanks to their revolutionizing Shock Absorbing Stirrups.

Now, they have come up with a totally new design for spurs. Spurs that do not require spurs straps at all!


Each pair of spurs comes with 1 pair of Round End Spur Tips in 20mm size

The following spur tips are available for separate purchase:

Flex On Spur Ends
Flex On Spur Ends


The Spurs come in 4 different sizes to accommodate different foot sizes:

  • Small (for shoe sizes EU36-EU37, USA Women’s Sizes 6.5 – 7)
  • Medium (for shoe sizes EU38-EU41, USA Women’s Sizes 7.5 – 10, USA Men’s Sizes 6 – 8)
  • Large (for shoe sizes EU42-EU44, USA Women’s Sizes 10.5 and up , USA Men’s Sizes 8.5 – 10.5)
  • Extra Large (for shoe sizes EU 45-EU46, USA Men 11.5 and higher)


The Flex On Snap-On Interchangeable Spurs are Made In France. They feature a snap-on system for sliding the spurs underneath the heel of your boots. The design of these spurs eliminates the need for Spur Straps.

4 Different kinds of ends are available for attaching to these spurs.

  • Prince Of Wales,
  • Round Tip,
  • Hammer
  • Rowell
Each end is also available in 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm sizes.
Flex On Spurs - How To
Flex On Spurs – How To

Check out the video below for more information on how to correctly setup these spurs.

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