Tredstep Donatello SQ II Junior Leather Tall Boots *New



The latest generation of our Donatello Tall Riding boot focuses on rider comfort and movement and has now been improved, so that it offers an even better fit for longer. Perfect for every young rider whatever riding discipline.

  • Front lace, back zip for easy fit and comfort
  • Elegant, stitched square shaped toe
  • Wide stretchy panel along the zip helps with fit
  • Sturdy YKK Zipper, with stretch flap closure on the top
  • Spur rest
  • Leather spur flap to protect zipper
  • Very comfortable inner sole, advanced rubber sole on the outside

SIZE CHART in inches and in cm: 

It is essential your boots fit very snugly. You must stretch the elastic panel when fitting. If they are fitted too loose then they will twist, get baggy, unsightly and wear badly. The most important area for a very snug fit is around the calf area. There is always a little extra room needed in the ankle area to allow for flexion.
We have a rule here at Tredstep – “ If you can get into them with a struggle, then they are the perfect fit” – The leg part of tall boots will always stretch over the first few days and mould to your own leg shape.  The foot part will not stretch much so they must feel comfortable in the foot from the beginning.

All boots will drop over time. The tighter they are fitted at the start the slower they will drop, but they will eventually drop. Most boots drop approximately 1 inch over the first 6 months.

If you select a height measurement that is over tall at the start in anticipation of them dropping, they might feel a little uncomfortable at the back of your knee. This can be relieved by placing heel risers under the footbeds. These will raise your foot up and relieve any discomfort. Once your boots drop you can then remove the heel risers (heel risers are supplied for free in the box with selected models).

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