She Wear Pull-On Work Boots BLUE 42/11

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***No Refund For Clearance*** Top quality range of safety work boots designed by women .. and designed to fit and look good on women. Pull on elastic sided boot for those who prefer a quick on/off option and don’t necessarily require a lace up boot or ankle support. Work boots are independently tested to comply with the Australian/New Zealand standard (AS/NZ 2210.3:2009, class 1, specification s2) and are fully certified by the BSI group, an accredited third party certification body. 

-genuine nubuck leather upper with reflective stripe 
-goodyear welt construction 
-steel toe cap 
-a thinner rubber sole than our lace up range (and hence lighter weight) 
-heat resistant sole (tested at greater than 300○c) 
-anti slip rubber sole 
-anti static rubber sole 
-oil and fuel resistant rubber sole 
-electric shock absorbant heel 
-breathable BK mesh lining 
-extra comfort padding to the insole 

** Important information on sizing & fitting .. this range is based on a standard sized woman’s fitting and are designed to be worn with thinner socks (like sports compression socks). If your usual shoe size (for example) is a AU7/EU38, then generally you will require the same size boot. Please note, the pull-on range is a slighter smaller fitting than the lace-up boot range. Socks can also make a difference of about half a size so when you first wear your boots, try a variety of socks to ensure comfort and correct fit. 

Please note, your new “she will” pull on boots should take some effort to put on when you first start wearing them. A boot that simply slides on and off will provide you no comfort or support and will not wear as well in the long term. You should not have to struggle harshly to get the boot on, but you should have to exert some effort in both putting the shoe on and taking it off. You will likely notice the boot slips slightly at the heel, this is natural. Pull on boots will usually slip on the heel to a small degree until the heel counter begins to shape to your heel. Be advised however that excessive slippage generally means you have the incorrect size. Pull on boots will stretch more than lace up versions. If you have any queries, please contact us. **

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