Freejump Soft Up Classic Stirrups Pearl

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The Freejump Soft Up Classic Stirrups are designed for comfort and safety.

For the first time. Freejump with its single branch stirrup technology have used the classic eye design. This allows for a more classic foot position in the stirrups. Still with the flexible outer branch design. If a rider falls. The outer branch releases the foot.

The Freejump stirrups have a unique shock absorbing action. This reduces the strain on each stirrup by two thirds and as a result relieves pressure on the riders joints and also the horses back. FreeJump Soft Up Classic Stirrups offer three times more cushioning than any other stirrup on the market today. 

The Soft' up Classic stirrups have a wide carbon tread plate. Tilted Studs and a suppoting surface that is bigger than previous models. This reduces pressure points on the arch of the riders foot.

The center of gravity is set at the front of the stirrups. This causes a backward movement of the tread, which encourages the rider to keep their heels down.

The open eye design allows for use with the Freejump Single Strap Stirrup Leathers or your own classic stirrup leathers.

The wide tread plate is fitted with 9 treated studs that helps prevent rusting. The studs are very durable and help to keep your feet in the stirrups. These can be replaced if needed. 

An elastomer covers the spring steel branch system. This allows the stirrup branch to still flex when riding. The branch is also easily replaced if damaged.

Colours have a pearl finish

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