Bostock Junior Stirrups



Bostock Safety stirrups are a revolutionary Australian product designed to decrease the risk of serious injury as a result of being dragged during a fall.

During a regular fall where the foot just slips from the stirrup, the safety mechanism is not activated.

However if there is a sudden shift of weight or excessive force indicating the foot is stuck, the top part of the stirrup and the bottom break away from each other, releasing the riders foot. 

The upper part of the stirrup is left on the stirrup leather and the lower part comes away with the riders foot.

The two pieces very easily clip back together for further use. 

Thoroughly tested for 7 years, across all equestrian disciplines before hitting the market.

Available in black and blue. 

Internal: 87mm (H), 107mm (W) External: 142mm (H), 50m (W)

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