CASCO Spirit-6 Floral Dressage Helmet 2018 Stamp SPECIAL

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VG-01 2018 Stamp SIZE L (59-62CM)

Brand new, comes with hard cover helmet box (valued at $100) 


Sleek and streamlined, this helmet provides a classic look for any rider. Nubuk sides with a Black shiny shadow print floral center panel; very elegant. Sides are embellished with a word: CASCO in small Swarovski crystals. 
The new Spirit now comes with interchangeable long and short helmet shield, washable and changeable padding as well as height adjustment.

Comes with hard cover helmet box. 

Small size suitable for young riders. Sizes: 54–56 cm = S,  59–62 cm = L 

WARNING: Please do not leave your helmet exposed to very high temperature (like in car windows) or spray insect repellent, sunscreen, perfume or other chemicals on your helmet. These substances might damage the outer film of your helmet. To clean simply wipe with a clean, dry or damp soft cloth. 

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