CASCO Champ 3 Dial Helmet



VG 01 Stamp. This helmet is sporty yet still elegant in a matte finish with silver piping and ventilation holes.

A silver Casco badge on the rear of the helmet adds style.

A breathable mesh and foam lining provides the ultimate in comfort.

The lining is held by 7 press buttons and can be taken out for washing (hand wash recommended).

The lining itself is very comfortable; mesh for the middle part and softer material for around the diameter of the head.

You can make the lining deeper or shallower by moving the position of the 4 red/white tapes under lining. 

It has ergomatic fit, which means that the very elastic lining will stretch as much as the head shape requires it.

There is an extra block that can be added at the back under the lining if tighter fit is required. 

This helmet also comes with an interchangeable long and short visor to take you from the dressage ring to the cross country course in no time. *

BONUS: Comes with its own hard cover helmet case (valued at $100) *

MY STYLE Coloured piping can change the look of the helmet. Very easy to change, simply hooks in; available in many colours. Pls see more info under My Style elastic. 

SIZING S=52-56cm, M= 56-58cm, L=58-62cm

COLOUR: Black, Navy

Why do we like and promote CASCO helmets?

CASCO is a German family-owned company that since its founding in 1989 has focused squarely on producing top quality products with exceptional flair.

They spend a great deal of time and energy developing solutions that make helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear as possible. Their efforts have led to numerous patents and awards.

CASCO also understands the importance of corporate social responsibility beyond the product itself. This includes the company‘s conscious decision to PRODUCE ALL OF IT’S PRODUCTS IN EUROPE, to create an ANIMAL SHELTER next to their factory (I will share the video in another post), and to make environmentally friendly choices: from this year there will be NO PLASCTIC PACKAGING and ONLY USE PLAIN CARDBOARD for boxes.  


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