Dog with a Mission Lennox canvas Dog Collar with Fringes


Sturdy Comfort Fit for Your Pup  

Durable Every Day Style

Whether they are stepping out with style in the city, or curled up on your knee, your pup deserves a snug-fitting collar. 

The bottom is made of soft denim, so that the collar feels great on the dog. A cool layer of canvas is stitched on top, decorated with an unique Boho strap. In addition, this collar has a special decorated buckle, which makes it different from other collars. Lennox is finished with the DWAM details such as the coin with logo and the pendant on the D-ring. This collar is completely vegan.

The Lennox Collar is comfort for them and peace of mind for you, that they will stay safe on many adventures!  100%  vegan

XXS-Xs-S: 2cm wide. M: 2.5cm wide, L-XL: 4cm wide


How do you maintain a DWAM product?

Due to the robust quality of both fabric, leather and parts our collars remain beautiful. The leather surface can easily be treated with saddle grease, the fabric surface with green soap. Does your dog like to swim in the sea? We advise you to remove the leather collar because leather and salt are not a good combination. Has the leather been in contact with salt? Then rinse the collar with tap water and let the collar dry at room temperature (not in the sun). A post-treatment with saddle grease or leather balm is highly recommendable.

You can clear our fabric collars with a wet cloth. If the collar is very dirty, you can put it in the washing machine, in a washing bag (wool wash program). Don’t forget to remove the pendant with shells and a possible nameplate


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