CASCO Mistrall-2 Floral Helmet

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Complies with new safety standards, VG1 stamp


Same style and fit as the best seller MISTRAL-2 style, but with a row of shadow print silver flowers added. 

• Very trendy, lightweight riding helmet with casco badge printed on the sides 
• Highest level of technology 
• Entirely equipped, including a very handy patented harness 
• Anatomic shape with Comfort Disc Fit adjustment dial for customised fit 
• “My Style” customisable piping system 
• Very safe and lightweight: Weight: 450 - 500 g. 
• Fresh-Air™ venting system provides excellent ventillation 
Sizes: XS (50-54cm), S (54-56cm), M (57-58cm), L (59-62cm). 

CHANGE THE LOOK: No more boring helmets! Create your own style with the Casco MY STYLE coloured stripes. Available for Mistrall and Choice styles in assorted colours. Easy to change over, just unhook the original strip and install the new one. 

WARNING: Please do not leave your helmet exposed to very high temperature (like in car windows) or spray insect repellent, sunscreen, perfume or other chemicals on your helmet. These substances might damage the outer film of your helmet. 
To clean simply wipe with a clean, dry or damp soft cloth. 

GUARANTEE: Your CASCO helmet comes with a 2 year guarantee on materials and manufacturing (does not include normal tear and wear). Please refer to page 11 of the booklet for details. To make a claim you must have your original sales docket.

Why do we like and promote CASCO helmets?

CASCO is a German family-owned company that since its founding in 1989 has focused squarely on producing top quality products with exceptional flair.

They spend a great deal of time and energy developing solutions that make helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear as possible. Their efforts have led to numerous patents and awards.

CASCO also understands the importance of corporate social responsibility beyond the product itself. This includes the company‘s conscious decision to PRODUCE ALL OF IT’S PRODUCTS IN EUROPE, to create an ANIMAL SHELTER next to their factory (I will share the video in another post), and to make environmentally friendly choices: from this year there will be NO PLASCTIC PACKAGING and ONLY USE PLAIN CARDBOARD for boxes.  


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