Back on Track Supreme Fleece Rug

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The Fleece Blanket increases blood circulation and relaxes nervous tense horses. It eases stiff backs and tight muscles. Your horse will feel comfortable and relaxed. 

The Fleece Rug may be used both as a cooler transportation rug and in the horsebox during the warmer months of the year. The rug may be used to advantage prior to exercise/competition in order to warm up muscles beforehand and following exercise/competition sessions in order to aid the muscles' recovery. 

This therapeutic rug has a lining of polypropylene infused with ceramic powder fibres with an exterior cover of polyester. In order to minimise the risk of chafing or overstretching the rug is strengthened around the neck's opening with a polyester fabric. The Fleece Rug has soft furry fabric around the withers in order to minimise the risk of chafing. The rug has double buckles and crossover belly surcingles with easy pop closures. In order to avoid overstretching the back is reinforced with a band. The rug has a large tail protective flap and a tail strap. 

Available by special order, 1-2 weeks.

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