Mango Bay Dressage Woven Belt



Dressage print in ebony ink on warm grey. 1.5 inch wide webbing. Wear with your breeches for schooling, and great with white, black or indigo denim, when you're not at the barn. 

Closures are flat rings, which lay flat and do not slip, unlike many d-ring ribbon belts. 

Fibre contents: 100% cotton.

Ink is colourfast; webbing is printed on both sides. 

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water. Hang to dry. If you're out riding and get mud on it, just hose it off and hang to dry. Do not machine wash. 

Available in: 
S - 31'' to 33'' 
M - 34'' to 36'' 
XL - 40'' to 42''

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