Equi-Theme Chrome Dial Helmet



Beautiful, sleek design helmet; fits very nicely, size adjustable with dial. - Highly resistant ABS shell, the best protection against shocks. Multi structural built ensures excellent ventilation. - Inside crown in EPS (polystyrene foam) with aerated and breathable knit padded lining that is removable with self-gripping patches for easy care (machine washable at 30°C). - Size is adjustable with rear dial system for precise adjustment to the shape of your head, and to keep the helmet from tilting forward or backwards, as it sometimes happens with ill-fitting helmets. - Adjustable 3-point nylon harness. - Cut-out for ponytail. - Weight: about 450 g. - CE labelled, VG1 stamp 

*SMALL,AND SLIGHTLY SHALLOW FITTING HELMET; For assistance please give us a call on 03 9739 1669. 

WARNING: Please do not leave your helmet exposed to very high temperature (like in car windows) or spray insect repellent, sunscreen, perfume or other chemicals on your helmet. These substances might damage the outer film of your helmet. To clean simply wipe with a clean, dry or damp soft cloth.

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