Flex-On Hunter Stirrups

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The Flex-On Aluminium Stirrups are fast becoming the most preferred stirrup amongst equestrians worldwide. 

Flex On’s Hunter stirrups combine the hunter look with the shock absorbing technology of the popular Flex On Aluminium stirrups

  • The Aluminium Range of stirrups are made of a special type of aluminium used in aeronautics.
  • The 4 individual shock absorbing elastomers have been replaced with a single discreet block of the same material.
  • Proven to help riders with discomfort or pain in their ankles, knees or lower back
  • The incline of the stirrups allows you to keep your heel down
  • Equipped with “Grip” or “Ultra Grip”, special spikes that provide additional grip
  • Suitable for Hunter and jumping competitions

The Flex-on stirrup offers sophisticated bending which absorbs shock, with a tread that has a "Ultra-Grip" -surface for better adhesion-, optimal stability and a perfect connection with the mount.

The Ultra-Grip is configured with small spikes for added grip.

The stirrup frame with its offset, skewed slot for the stirrup leather is ultra-lightweight.

It also offers the rider a special place for personalisation.

The Flex-on Aluminium stirrup is fully machined from a solid block.

The stirrup has been designed with complex geometry to give it strength and lightness.


In the Aluminium Range, the rider can choose :

  • The colour of the frame (aluminium, white, black or gold)
  • The type of tread (Mixed Grip, Mixed Ultra-Grip,
    Inclined Grip, Inclined Ultra-Grip)
  • The hardness of the elastomers (Hard, Medium or Soft)
  • **** Please see images for variants. 

For custom orders please contact us. 

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