Hamag Leather Saddle Number Holder

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Tired of dealing with unsightly torn plastic holders?

Hamag Leather Number Holders™ are handmade here in Australia from quality materials, and have been designed to last a lifetime.

And we mean it when we say that they WILL NOT fall off!

As seen on such international riders as Steffen Peters, Mary Hanna, Brett Parbery, Rozzie Ryan and many more, Hamag Leather Number Holders™ have become the gold standard in both form and function.

Hamag Leather Number Holders™ are now available with either 3 or 4 digit plastic number inserts and come complete with a pair of number inserts, in either 3 or 4 digit number set. 

Our saddle cloth number holders include a heavy-duty pin for easy attachment to your favourite saddle cloth.

Standard dimensions are 11 x 8 cm, and are available in Black, Mahogany Brown, and White. 

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