Back On Track Testimonial - Henrik Nilsson

Back On Track Testimonial - Henrik Nilsson


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Henrik Nilsson - Gold Medal in Olympic Games in Athens 2004, K2 Canoe 1000 metres.

I would not have got my injured elbow in order without Back on Track's Elbow Brace. I really felt that the brace increased my blood circulation. These products help prevent injuries and hasten recovery after training.

I wear the Elbow brace and T-Shirt between all my regular training sessions. They work well in replacing massage therapy which often becomes too time consuming when training frequently. I find them smooth and pliable compared to neoprene braces I've tried, all of which seemed to restrict my blood flow as well as the ability to bend my arm. These Back on Track garments and braces do not impair movement. They breathe well and you do not sweat excessively under them.

It is a great product for avoiding interruptions to your training and help you advance in your sport.