Back on Track Therapeutic Gloves BLACK *BY ORDER*

Back on Track Therapeutic Gloves BLACK *BY ORDER*


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Do you suffer with arthritis, Raynaud's Syndrome or pins and needs in your hands and fingers? Or do your hands always feel cold? Try these Back on Track gloves. You will be amazed with the results.

Excellent results have been achieved in alleviating the symptoms of Raynaud's Syndrome which is a loss of circulation to the extremeties especially the hands and fingers. Symptoms include swelling numbness coldness and the fingers turning blue.

The gloves are a classic design and not bulky so they can be used while performing many everyday activities.

* Working on computer keyboard

* Knitting and Sewing

* Playing Golf or Tennis

* Writing

We recommend you wear other gloves over the top of ours if you wish to use them while working outdoors. As the gloves depend on heat to function people with very poor circulation or "cold hands" can improve the effectiveness by wearing another pair of gloves over the top.

Available in Black in sizes XS - XL. PRICE IS PER PAIR.

In centimetres measure circumference of hand (C) excluding the thumb then measure the length from tip of middle finger (L) to start of the wrist.

XS (C)15cm-(L)18cm

Small (C)16cm-(L)19cm

Medium (C)18cm-(L)20cm

Large (C)19cm-(L)22cm

XL (C)23cm-(L)23cm

Available by special order, 1-2 weeks.

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