Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Brace Adjustable *BY ORDER*

Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Brace Adjustable *BY ORDER*


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The Back on Track adjustable Knee Brace is used to reduce inflammation around the knee caused by arthritis or general wear and tear. Unfortunately the only way to regenerate the cartilage is by exercise which will be more tolerable once the inflammation and pain has subsided.

It has an adjustable strap across the upper portion of the garment. The strap is elasticised and attaches with a velcro tab. You can remove the strap if necessary. The strap can be tightened during exercise and loosened when resting or sleeping. There is a thin and flexible steel support in each side of the knee brace designed to keep the brace properly positioned during exercise.

Available in: Small: 35-41cm; M: 39-44cm; L: 42-47cm; XL: 47-53cm XXL: 53-61cm; XXXL: 61cm & up.

To get your correct size measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm above the centre of your knee.

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