Boots Equilibrium Flatwork Wraps WHITE

Boots Equilibrium Flatwork Wraps WHITE


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Breathable Horse Leg Wraps

Comfortable, breathable horse leg wraps suitable for flatwork schooling and hacking well established and balanced horses, that need light support and protection.

Designed to offer the support of an exercise bandage with the convenience of a boot, these breathatble horse leg wraps are made from a unique and highly effective fabric called Stomatex, which allows these wraps to actively work at keeping horses’ legs cool during exercise.

The four-way stretch of the fabric means that there is freedom of movement for your horse, whilst the Velcro fastenings make them easy to put on and take off.

Stretch & Flex Flatwork horse leg wraps are useful for horses and ponies recovering from injuries, those with joint problems such as arthritis and in providing gentle cushioning over scars and splints -Offers the support of a bandage, with the convenience of a boot -Protects against minor knocks and scrapes without restriction1 Year Guarantee

-Extremely soft and comfortable

-Made from unique breathable Stomatex that regulates the skin temperature during work

-Thick cushioned panels protect fetlock joints and splint bones

-Easy to fit, easy to wash and extremely comfortable for your horse to wear

-Can be worn on front or hind legs as required

The Stretch & Flex Training Wraps are made from Stomatex® – a revolutionary, unusual looking, material. The material itself mimics the way a leaf ‘breathes’ which keeps the skin free from perspiration and maintains an ideal skin temperature over an extended period of time.

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