Equestrian Stockholm Light Weight Puffy Jacket CHAMPAGNE

Equestrian Stockholm Light Weight Puffy Jacket CHAMPAGNE


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The jacket that will never go out of fashion! You can never go wrong in champagne! The jacket has an elegant and timeless design and suits every occasion. Details include the metal badge on the left arm and a tone-on-tone embroidery at the back. Zippers in gold from YKK and pullers with Equestrian Stockholm’s logo. The materials in the jacket are in keeping with Equestrian Stockholm’s profile, aiming towards having all garments to be ECO-friendly, in terms of making as smallest impact of the environment possible. As in all Equestrian Stockholm’s garments, there is no fur or down used in this jacket – to protect the animals. Instead of using down as insulation, we have chosen to use a top quality ECO-friendly filling. The filling not only has a fantastic warming effect – it is also wind resistant, water resistant, breathable and it has odor control. The odor control keeps your jacket fresh longer so you don't need to wash your jacket as often. This saves on both our environment as well as the jacket’s wear!

Size: XS-XL

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